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More About Us


Rye & Pint Brewery is Singapore's own local craft brewery. Located in Tuas, is home to the family-owned brewing company by the three brothers. Here at Rye & Pint Brewery, our philosophy has and always will be to create beers worthy for Singaporeans and the international stage.

Founded in 2015 with a brewing capacity of 10,000 liters,  the Rye & Pint brothers aims to brew fresh and tastefully crafted beer for the people. Producing small batches to ensure consistency in taste and body. All the beers in the brewery are bottled and kegged fresh from the fermenter to ensure quality.


Luther (far right), was a career engineer. His background made him the perfect guy to deal with the nuts and bolts that would keep the brewery in tip top condition. Enthused by Ross passion, he ​did what all brothers would do; throw his full support for him.

Rufus (middle), swapped his stripes in the engineering industry for a career in entrepreneurship. Expect nothing less from this free-spirited middle child. His chatty and jovial personality is definitely put to good use as he drives the sales and marketing of the brewery.

Ross (far left), the youngest of the trio. He is very passionate with his brewing. Ross started his craft beer journey when he studied in America. Home brewing and brewing courses fueled his passion further. After graduation, Ross started a mundane auditing career but his love for beer proved to be his calling. What could be better than to follow your passion and make a living through it at the same time!

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